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With the help of, Japanese TV shows accompany me through a long overseas life.

Watching Japan net TV is easy for people in Japan, but it cannot be taken for granted when it becomes overseas.

Japan net TV:
You can see it on a pay broadcast, but it takes a lot of money from 3000 to 10,000 yen a month. I need to spend a lot of courage to pay for it.

If you want to watch the free video, it's convenient now, and if you have an Internet environment, you can watch Japanese shows and movies on YouTube with a variety of video service offerings.

However, many of the current videos are copyrighted, leading to a lot of great TV shows that can't be played on YouTube. In particular, many live TV dramas, news, anime, and the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, which is enough to boil people around the globe, they all cannot be seen on YouTube in the first time.

So what do we do?
FUJITV (a Japan net TV online) will solve your problem.
FUJITV Live – the best Japan IPTV live service, helping overseas Japanese to watch Japan TV Live Online on iPhone, iPad, Android device, PC and Mac!

Wherever there's an Internet environment, you will have access to your favorite Japanese shows and channels on any device like Aamzon Fire TV, Android TV, TV box etc, you can watch all the highlights of 88 Japanese TV channels like NHK, Nippon TV, TBS TV, FUJI TV, TV ASAHI, TV TOKYO. You don't need to pass a spotty VPN. And the 14 days’ catch-up service make you won’t miss any TV shows.

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Support: iPhone, iPad, Android Mobile/Smart TV/TV box, PC, Mac
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